Special Projects and Bespoke Bridge Projects

We can make bridges of any size and have built bridges of 120ft in length and also ones of 4ft. See below for more examples of these special sized bridges.

Large Span Bridge

Photo by Rick Hutchings

Monet Bridge Over Lake

Photo by Gavin Sander www.trebahgarden.co.uk

Long Span Bridge - Another Angle

Photo by Mike Biagi 0131 665 9555

This bridge and the one above is at the African Safari Park, Blair Drummond, Scotland. It is 120ft long and is made from Siberian Larch.

The photograph on the left is a Monet style bridge, 20ft long, at Trebah Gardens, Cornwall.

Steel and Wood Bridge

Photo by Alison Sargeant

A combination of steel and wood with a span of 60ft.

Steel and Wood Bridge - 60ft Span

Photo by Alison Sargeant

Splash Gordon White Bridge

Splash Gordon White Bridge - Another Angle

Splash Gordon Brown Bridge

Photo courtesy of Splash Gordon

Garden designed by Splash Gordon, Glasgow

Series of Garden Bridges

Photo courtesy of Splash Gordon

Steel and Wooden Bridge in Winter

Steel and Wooden Bridge in Winter

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